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September 21, 2017


Rob Lowe, host of the educational series “Informed”, will be presenting to viewers a segment focused on the impact humans have on Climate Change. The scientific community has provided mountains of evidence to prove that the climate is changing, and that humans have played a large role in the speed with which it is happening. The episode will be asking the experts what impact humans have had, how we can try and reverse the effects, and what steps are being done to prepare our planet for a warmer climate. For viewers interested in educating themselves on this important subject, be sure to tune into “Informed”, an educational series distributed to Public Television PBS Member stations.


September 5, 2017


Cruising has become one of the most popular ways to vacation, providing travelers with the opportunity to see multiple exotic locations without having to worry about accommodations. “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, will be presenting to viewers a look into the world of cruising and how modern-day cruise ships are feats of engineering and beauty. When it comes to cruising it’s no longer simply about the destinations but the ships themselves have become their own destinations. Tune into Public Television PBS Member stations to catch this latest segment from “Informed”.


August 30, 2017


Host of the “Informed” series, Rob Lowe, will be examining Psychological Disorders in this latest segment from the educational series. Roughly 18.2% of the adult population in the United States suffers from some mental illness dealing with the effects of depression, schizophrenia, and many more, yet there’s still many people who don’t see mental illness as true illness. Join “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, as he speaks with expert physicians in the field to enlighten viewers on the world of Psychological Disorders. This segment will be distributed to Public Television PBS Member Stations.


August 23, 2017


For the first time in nearly 100 years, a solar eclipse occurred coast to coast in the U.S.  This phenomenon excited the nation and sparked an interest in science and space in more and more young people.  Informed with Rob Lowe, will produce a series for PBS member stations revolving around space exploration.




August 15, 2017


Hosted by well-known actor, Rob Lowe, the Informed series is developing a series on gastrointestinal surgery.  Click the link below from WSIL 3 – ABC for more information on the story which will be distributed to PBS member stations.




August 10, 2017


Informed with Rob Lowe, is traveling to Missouri in a couple weeks to film a segment on sustainable Agriculture. The Informed team will interview farmers and ranchers on new and innovative technologies they have developed to deliver crops in a way that protects the environment, animals and consumers. The series will be distributed directly to Public Television PBS Member stations throughout the U.S.


August 4, 2017


Rob Lowe is the host of Informed, a series for Public Television. The series will detail their findings on Pain Management after interviewing thought leaders in the medical industry. The series will be distributed to PBS member stations in all fifty states.


July 10, 2017


What goes into a Moscow mule? Who invented this world-renowned cocktail? Why are they served in traditional copper mugs? How are these mugs made? These questions and more will be answered on the new segment of “Informed” hosted by Rob Lowe. The segment will air to Public Television stations nationwide this Summer.


June 14, 2017


Put your head back, relax, and breathe in the moisturizing heat that is emitted from a sauna. It is a health ritual recommended by professionals at least once a week. But, why? The latest segment of “Informed” discusses the health benefits of saunas and how they can improve your body both internally and externally. Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe, hosts the segment.


May 22, 2017


This month the production crew for “Informed” is headed to the Caribbean. While the first thought that probably came to mind was white sand beaches, luxury resorts, and crystal blue oceans, this segment will be featuring a number of medical schools based on the islands. These medical colleges not only offer a vacation-like setting, but also a respectable education that paves the way for medical students to become outstanding doctors across the globe. Join host, Rob Lowe this month to learn more about the endless opportunities Caribbean medical schools have to offer.


April 14, 2017


With the FDA recently banning the use of trans fats, it is important that we take a closer look at labels on our food because it will still be three years before this ban is in full effect. Rob Lowe will host a segment on “Informed” featuring smart food choices that won’t add to your LDL, or “bad” cholesterol and instead keep your taste buds satisfied, your HDL or “good” cholesterol satisfied, and your heart satisfied.


February 20, 2017


For many patients, the idea of going under the knife for back surgery can be so terrifying that, oftentimes, they will endure years and years of pain. The “Informed” series hosted by Rob Lowe is debuting a segment this week highlighting minimally invasive back surgery techniques that will put potential patients’ mind at ease.


February 9, 2017


The “Informed” series will debut a segment this week highlighting the many benefits associated with therapy animals and the rigorous training involved in their certifications. The segment is being distributed to Public Television and Rob Lowe hosts the spot.