Protecting our Shorelines is the topic of the newest segment from “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe.

Rob Lowe will be using this episode of “Informed” to emphasize to viewers the importance of protecting our shorelines. Unfortunately, this issue is often overlooked even though it’s of vast importance to ensure the protection of bodies of water because they affect so many other parts of life. The stabilization of shorelines ensures that marine life and other wildlife is protected, erosion is prevented, pollutants are filtered, and the impact and devastation of floods can be mitigated.

The problem in the United States is that more often than not, unhealthy shorelines develop along the coasts. Unhealthy shorelines occur both naturally and from human intervention, but humans certainly accelerate the natural causes. Human causes can include removal of vital vegetation that prevents soil erosion, construction, foot traffic, as well as alterations to the shorelines original topography. Ensuring the health of shorelines can be done by simply putting an end to the human causes all together, or at least putting in place buffers which can protect the shorelines from our manipulation.

“Informed” is proud to deliver this series to Public Television PBS Member stations. Join host Rob Lowe on this journey into the science behind protecting our nation’s shorelines.