Rob Lowe hosts an “Informed” segment on Autism Awareness

The Public Television series “Informed” with host Rob Lowe brings a topic that is growing in importance in society today to help increase awareness of autism. You may have heard the term autism in the media, but you may not be sure what autism is or how it affects an individual. Join Rob Lowe, as he explores autism to increase social awareness of this disorder impacting so many families.

Autism is a spectrum disorder. This means it covers a range of conditions that affect the person’s life. For example, there can be challenges with basic social skills, speech, non-verbal communication, repetitive behaviors, and unique talents. Autism is a developmental disorder and one of the fastest growing diagnosed disorders in the U.S. today. The latest figures reflect autism affecting 1 in 68 children annually, with 1 in 42 of those being male children.

There are no direct medical tests to detect autism and there are no direct cures at this time. Because it is a spectrum disorder, that means that an individual with autism can fall anywhere on the scale. Meaning one person may have mild symptoms and be able to lead a fairly normal life, while another may need full-time care.

Don’t miss this crucial episode of “Informed” as Rob Lowe educates and increases public awareness of autism with compassionate sincerity. “Informed” is a platform used to enlighten the public on topics impacting their lives with the distinguished actor Rob Lowe.