The educational series “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, will be covering the topic of Data Storage Centers in the newest segment.

“Informed” will be speaking with experts in the field to find out what the benefits and challenges are of data storage centers. This episode will be looking at the everyday operations of data storage centers that allow us to have peace of mind knowing that our important digital documents won’t be lost.

As the use of personal technology, primarily personal mobile devices, continues to increase the need for secure storage of copious amounts of data has never been more important. Using in-house computer systems and properly maintained servers, data storage centers are able to store the information for millions of businesses and people across the nation and the globe. Data storage centers that are used for large industrial operations or major technology corporations are large enough to use as much electricity as a small town.

“Informed”, with your host Rob Lowe, is an educational series, which is distributed to Public Television PBS Member stations.