The sport of Cross Country Skiing is the topic of focus on the newest segment from “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe. 

Cross country skiing is a popular recreational activity practiced by people throughout the world living in snow covered regions. Enthusiasts stretching from Scandinavia to parts of the United States and Canada practice this as a method of transportation and enjoyable activity. The act of cross country skiing goes back thousands of years, with evidence of it found in the Chinese mountains. The activity can be performed on various types of terrain ranging from mountainous, to flat, or even on trails specifically designed for it. There are two ways to propel oneself through the snow: using poles to push yourself along or moving side to side in a skating motion. As apposed to down hill skiing, the skier must use their own energy to propel themselves along.

Join the “Informed” team, along with host Rob Lowe, as they present this insightful look into the world of cross country skiing. “Informed” is distributed to Public Television PBS Member stations nationwide.