The Yellowstone Caldera is the topic of the newest episode from the “Informed” series, hosted by Rob Lowe. 

The caldera that resides beneath Yellowstone National Park has been a topic of interest for the American public in recent years. This peaked interest stems from an increase in seismic activity at the location, which could indicate the potential for volcanic activity to occur. The last eruption at Yellowstone occurred hundreds of thousands of years ago and seismologists have confirmed that the seismic activity occurring there is no indication of an eruption. The volcanic activity that has occurred here in the past is what has formed Yellowstone into what it is today. The caldera underneath the park is referred to by scientists as a super-volcano. An eruption from this super-volcano would be devastating for the planet as it would launch millions of tons of volcanic ash into the atmosphere, thus blocking a significant amount of sunlight to effect crop production. Top scientists in the field have made it very clear that there is no indication that the public should worry about an eruption from underneath Yellowstone. Some argue that the caldera is “due for an eruption” because it’s been hundreds of thousands of years since the last eruption. This amount of time is actually minuscule in terms of geologic and volcanic activity, reinforcing the fact that the caldera is not due to erupt.

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